Dog Training NYC Prices

dog training nyc

Dog Training Prices

  • Dog training
  • Walk and train 
  • Trick training

Manhattan Dog Training Prices

All dog training services begin with a ninety minute consultation ($200)

Sixty-Minute Session

$ 140
  • Per session

Ninety-Minute Session

$ 200
  • Per session

Three Sessions

$ 375
  • For three sessions

One Month Intensive

$ 2300
  • Twenty lessons
*** For virtual dog training please subtract 5% from each rate above.

Initial Consultation 

Initial consultations are important for getting to know you and your pup! A detailed training plan will be formulated and sent to you after the session.

A la carte Training Sessions:

A perfect option for new puppies, new dog parents, and for those who want to start out their training with a strong foundation! We will work with your pup four days a week and with both you and your pup one day a week, usually towards the end of a week. We will provide detailed training notes, videos, and continued support through email and phone. For consistency and to help your dog retain what they have learned and continue to grow, we can recommend one of our specially trained Walk and Train walkers to ensure that your pup is getting continual, high-quality care under the guidance of our dog trainers. 
Learn more about our NYC dog training services.

Walk and Train Prices

Sixty-Minute Session

$ 90
  • Per session

Walk and Train Sessions

Walk and Train is the preferred option for those who want regular, high-quality training and walking for the foreseeable future. It’s very helpful for dogs with fear, anxiety, and stress issues that need a careful and caring walker, and for keeping up, adding, and improving skills! 

Trick Training and Trick Dog Certification Sessions

Tricks may seem silly to some people, but tricks and trick training are some of the best ways to prime your dog for learning more complex behaviors. They’re also great for building your relationship with your dog.  
Rob is a Certified Trick Dog Instructor (CTDI), and if you are interested in getting your dog certified as an official Trick Dog, getting yourself certified as a CTDI, or just want your dog to know a boatload of tricks, he can help! Rob will work with you in every session and teach you how to build a fun and happy relationship with your pup. He can also work solo with your pup and teach them a large repertoire of tricks!