Puppy Training NYC

puppy training nyc

Congratulations on your new puppy!

We know a new puppy is both an exciting and challenging time. 🐶

We’re here to help you with anything and everything you might need. Our aim is to help you create a great relationship with your dog. No two dogs nor dog parents are the same. That’s why we take a personalized approach with every dog trainer we work with. 

Common topics we help clients with are house training, barking, biting/chewing, and basic commands. But whatever your needs are we have someone for you. 

You get one chance to raise a puppy. Let's get things right.

Before you bring your puppy home. 

If you haven’t brought your puppy home yet there’s still a lot we can do together. We can help you puppy-proof your home to make sure things are safe from day one. Puppies can be voracious chewers so we’ll want to protect them from electric cables. You might be surprised at the number of foods and household items that are tocix to dogs. 

nyc dog training

When is the right time to house train your puppy? 

After house training hundreds of puppies we’ve learned a few lessons. First off, the best way to house-train is different for each pet parent and their puppy. Second, no matter how you start things with your puppy they will get house trained when you’re ready. 

Do you have a pulling or sitting puppy on the leash? 

There’s nothing better than taking a stroll with your puppy outside. Of course, it can be tricky if you’re little guy keeps pulling or putting on the breaks. We love to help our clients develop an understanding of their dogs on the walks. You might be surprised what things will help you. 

The talkative puppy. 

Separation anxiety is a tricky thing to solve, let alone in New York City. Unfortunately, not all neighbors are sympathetic to our plight. Many trainers do “not” work on separation anxiety. Not to worry though we have highly experienced trainers who specialize in separation anxiety. 

It’s noisy out there.

With all the information and opinions out there it can be confusing to know the best approach to training your dog.

Our methods of positive-reinforcement are scientifically tested and proven to work.